National Archives of Australia

January 2011

Welcome from the Director-General: transcript

Hello and welcome to the first issue of Your Memento, the Archives’ new quarterly e-magazine.

Your Memento builds on the success of our long-running magazine, simply called Memento. The new version has been created for our growing online audience. It contains all the articles you are familiar with – articles that will take you deep into the Archives’ collection.

Your Memento, as did Memento, will provide an insight into the people, places and decisions that have shaped Australia’s history. You will be able to find out about the latest in Archives events, all our exhibitions and our publications.

You will be able to read Your Memento on your computer, at home, in your office, or even on your iPad or mobile.

You will be able to join us on Facebook and Twitter, and share us with your colleagues, family and friends.

What we would like with Your Memento is your feedback, your opinions and ideas, so please leave your comments and vote for your favourite articles.

Each year, the favourite articles you voted for will form Your Memento’s hardcopy paper companion magazine. It will contain the articles that have been of interest to you and others. It will keep you informed about what the Archives has been doing throughout the year and what we are planning for the future – about our achievements, what we are doing nationally and internationally, and how we plan to keep ahead of the game.

Subscribe to Your Memento and enjoy the wealth of information we have to offer. It’s easy to subscribe and it’s free.

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