National Archives of Australia

Issue 1 January 2011

Welcome from the Director-General

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6 comments on "Welcome from the Director-General"

  1. Alex ~ Sono Advertising says:

    Wonderful! Congratulations ~ A good selection of posts for the launch.

  2. Denise Murphy says:

    I am very disappointed to hear of the demise of the print publication ‘Memento’.

  3. Carol says:

    “Memento” was a top class publication, very interesting to read and the articles could be referred back to easily. I do not like having to sit at the computer to read it.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Carol.

    Memento was moved online to make the stories more accessible, as many people now access the collection and use our services online. Online, we can publish more frequently, provide links to records discussed in the articles, and get people to engage more with the stories and our collection.

    We know that people loved our print publication, so we will still be releasing an annual “Best Of” edition in print, containing the most popular articles of the year as voted by our readers, and news on other aspects of the Archives.

  5. Steve says:

    I find it disappointing that there isn’t a written transcript of the Director General’s welcome message. The hearing impaired won’t have heard it, and the download-limit impaired won’t have watched it.

  6. Hi Steve,

    There is a link, entitled ‘Read the transcript’, provided under the video. It will take you directly to a written transcript of the welcome message.

    You can access the written transcript here:

    We hope this is of help to you.

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