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1960s October 2011

Monaro advertisement: transcript


Monaro by Holden.

Yes, life is suddenly very Monaro. The good life, the young life.

Monaro. The most flattering accessory a beautiful woman could own.

Monaro. Makes a man feel ten feet tall.

Go Monaro this year, but you’ll have to expect to be envied.


[singing] It’s going to be very Monaro this year.

Monaro by Holden. Australia’s first sports machine. You can afford one.

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  1. William Jenkins says:

    I was in my late twenties when the Monaro came to our roads, what a car! I have great memories about mine, driving to Lake Eildon for the weekends for some water skiing and relaxing on the house boat.

  2. Thanks for sharing your memories, William!

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