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April 2012

The underwater menace: transcript

Doctor Who: But Professor

Professor: Yes?

Doctor Who: Even supposing you succeeded, you know what will happen, don’t you?

Professor: You, tell me Doctor.

Doctor Who: Well the water will be converted into super-heated steam, the pressure will grow, and crack the crust of the earth, destroy all life, maybe even blow the planet apart.

Professor: Yes, and I shall have redeemed my promise to lift Atlantis from the sea, lift it to the sky. It will be magnificent.

Doctor Who: Yes, bang!

Professor: Bang, bang, bang!

Doctor Who: Yes. Just one small question: why do you want to blow up the world?

Professor: Why? You, a scientist, ask me why? The achievement, my dear Doctor, the destruction of the world…the scientist’s dream of supreme power.

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