National Archives of Australia

About Your Memento

The National Archives of Australia holds the nation’s memory. With many millions of items, it is more than a record of government decisions. It is an archive about people, from the ordinary to the famous, who tell the story of our nation.

Your Memento, an e-magazine published quarterly by the Archives, opens its collection to a wide audience, revealing research discoveries, treasures and highlights. The role of keeping the nation’s records is also covered, as the Archives works closely with Australian Government agencies to promote good information management. In addition, Your Memento features news from the Archives, including the latest exhibitions, events, publications and websites.

As part of the Australian Government promotion of the Web 2.0 environment, Your Memento welcomes online audience interaction via comments, rating and social-media sharing functions.

The National Archives of Australia will consider unsolicited manuscripts for publication in Your Memento. Contact us for more information.

Understanding Your Memento citations

Records held by the Archives are described using the Commonwealth Record Series (CRS) System. Under this system there are three related entities:

  • agencies (government departments, statutory authorities, etc.)
  • series (groups of related records created or kept by the same agency)
  • items (the individual records that constitute a series).

In Your Memento, records (paper files, photographs, audiovisual recordings, etc.) are identified in the following way: NAA: A1200, L17549. This indicates that the record comes from the collection of the National Archives of Australia, from the series A1200. The item number is L17549.

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