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Anzac mystery solved

Issue 12 December 2013

Zoe D'Arcy discusses how a trans-Tasman family mystery was solved using the Archives' records, and how an exciting new website may be able to shed light on other similar mysteries. Continue reading

Life in the ‘town that sprang from nowhere’

Issue 12 December 2013

Sara King tells us what social and community life was like in the early days of Woomera in remote South Australia. Continue reading

The common grief of Empire: early Anzac Days in Britain

Issue 10 April 2013

Professor Bruce Scates looks at the first Anzac Days in Britain and explains how they united an Empire in mourning. Continue reading

What a gem! Private Finn the ‘goldfish’ reporting for duty

Issue 8 October 2012

Meet a young Western Australian keen to do his national duty, despite being a fish out of water. Continue reading

The Montevideo Maru tragedy: the missing link?

Issue 7 August 2012

A document recently received by the National Archives sheds light on Australia's greatest maritime tragedy. Continue reading

Family connections: bringing the past to life

Issue 6 April 2012

Director-General David Fricker discusses his family's defence service records, discovered in the Archives. Continue reading

1982 and 1983 Cabinet records release: transcript

Issue 6 January 2012

Narrator: On 1 January 2012, the federal Cabinet records of 1982 and 1983 were opened and released to the public for the first time. These documents provide interesting insights into the Continue reading

The ‘friendly alien’ in wartime Australia

Issue 5 January 2012

Dr Daniel Leach uses the Archives' records to provide an insight into how Australia's friendly aliens were treated during World War II. Continue reading

What a gem! Enemy property: café noir, dolly pink and chin-chin blue

Issue 5 January 2012

Why was a beautiful colour swatch card from 1928 considered enemy property during World War II? Continue reading

In brief: Issue 5

Issue 5 January 2012

News and information from the Archives. Continue reading