National Archives of Australia


Australian whaling history preserved in the Archives

Issue 11 July 2013

Find out why whale's teeth are in the National Archives' collection - and how they help tell the story of Australia's whaling past. Continue reading

Destination: Australia: the curator’s favourites

Issue 10 April 2013

Archives curator Tracey Clarke shares some of her favourite images from the vast Immigration Photographic Archive. Continue reading

Out of the Cabinet: the news is brought to you by…

Issue 9 January 2013

Using recently released 1984 and 1985 Cabinet records, Philip O’Brien reveals the Hawke government considered ads on the ABC and other controversial changes to the national broadcaster. Continue reading

Out of the Cabinet: America’s Cup runneth over

Issue 7 July 2012

Ian Warden uncovers a submission urging the government to make the most of American interest in Australia in the wake of the 1983 America's Cup. Continue reading

Restoring the dreams of colonial entrepreneurs

Issue 7 August 2012

Find out how conservators have restored the dreams of colonial entrepreneurs by preserving 19th-century trademarks records. Continue reading

1982 and 1983 Cabinet records release: transcript

Issue 7 January 2012

Narrator: On 1 January 2012, the federal Cabinet records of 1982 and 1983 were opened and released to the public for the first time. These documents provide interesting insights into the Continue reading

1980 revealed through Cabinet records

Issue 1 January 2011

On 1 January 2011, the Archives released the documents of the 1980 Fraser Cabinet. Continue reading

Key events from 1980

Issue 1 January 2011

Archives historian, Dr Jim Stokes, discusses some of the key issues from 1980. Continue reading

Cheers! Here’s to South Australian brewing and winemaking

Issue 2 March 2011

A glimpse at the Archives’ records relating to the brewing and winemaking industry, some dating as far back as 1894. Continue reading

Key events from 1980: transcript

Issue 2 January 2011

Jim Stokes: Australia reacted very strongly to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. A major element of our foreign policy during 1980 consisted of looking for ways to express our extreme displeasure Continue reading