National Archives of Australia


In brief: Issue 4

Issue 4 October 2011

News and information from the Archives. Continue reading

1980 revealed through Cabinet records

Issue 1 January 2011

On 1 January 2011, the Archives released the documents of the 1980 Fraser Cabinet. Continue reading

Key events from 1980

Issue 1 January 2011

Archives historian, Dr Jim Stokes, discusses some of the key issues from 1980. Continue reading

National Archives: assisting a country of extremes

Issue 2 March 2011

An overview of the role the Archives plays in protecting valuable records in Australia's harsh natural environment. Continue reading

Archives conservation efforts assist global warming research

Issue 1 January 2011

Some of the oldest records held by the Archives contain information that can help us understand the problem of global warming. Continue reading

Key events from 1980: transcript

Issue 1 January 2011

Jim Stokes: Australia reacted very strongly to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. A major element of our foreign policy during 1980 consisted of looking for ways to express our extreme displeasure Continue reading