National Archives of Australia

Issue 5 January 2012


Director General Mr David Fricker

From ASIO to Archives: new Director-General

The Archives has a new Director-General – Mr David Fricker.


The Muddle-headed Wombat in the Archives

A look at Ruth Park’s delightful children’s book The Muddle-headed Wombat in the Snow – part of the Archives’ copyright collection.

mt isa_soccer_100

Big skies, big horizons, small towns

Archives staff member Melanie Harwood shares her response to the Smalltown photographic exhibition of far-flung towns across Australia.

svendsen report on internee_100

The ‘friendly alien’ in wartime Australia

Dr Daniel Leach uses the Archives’ records to provide an insight into how Australia’s friendly aliens were treated during World War II.

cabinet record 1_100

Out of the Cabinet: Desperately seeking a national anthem

Ian Warden exposes the 1982 Fraser Cabinet deliberations about the uncertainty surrounding the words and the tune for our national anthem.

color card_100

What a gem! Enemy property: café noir, dolly pink and chin-chin blue

Why was a beautiful colour swatch card from 1928 considered enemy property during World War II?

Launch of Traversing Antarctica - The Australian experience exhibition,

In brief: Issue 5

News and information from the Archives.

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