National Archives of Australia

Issue 7 August 2012



Out of the Cabinet: America’s Cup runneth over

Ian Warden uncovers a submission urging the government to make the most of American interest in Australia in the wake of the 1983 America’s Cup.


Restoring the dreams of colonial entrepreneurs

Find out how conservators have restored the dreams of colonial entrepreneurs by preserving 19th-century trademarks records.


Archives vintage: the good wife

How do you measure up as a ‘good wife’? We take a look back at expectations of wives in 1950s Australia, as represented in the Archives’ photographic collection.


The Montevideo Maru tragedy: the missing link?

A document recently received by the National Archives sheds light on Australia’s greatest maritime tragedy.


Journeys to the ice: uncovering the unexpected

Researcher Amy Lay found fascinating records about Antarctica, and a few surprises, in the Archives’ collection.


What a gem! Taking the Olympics to the world

Watch rare footage from the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne – and see how much media and telecommunications have changed.

Memento Number 18 September 2001 - FE Williams Photography Book

In brief: Issue 7

News and information from the Archives.

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