National Archives of Australia

Issue 8 October 2012



There’s no such thing as the paperless office … or is there?

Find out about the brave new world of archives in a digital age, according to Director-General of the National Archives of Australia, David Fricker.


The Australian Ballet in pictures

We celebrate 50 years of The Australian Ballet by delving into the Archives’ photographic collection.


Out of the Cabinet: nothing like a dame (Edna)

Ian Warden uncovers a 1983 Hawke Cabinet decision that helped bring an end to Australian knights and dames.


Meet the Hoogenhouts

Amy Lay introduces the Hoogenhout family and a new website featuring thousands of photographs of people who have migrated to Australia.


Everybody’s tweeting about … archives?

The Twittersphere was abuzz with archives in August this year as the International Council on Archives Congress unfolded in Brisbane.


Know your enemy: archives go up in smoke

Why did Archives conservators stand by and watch files, photos and artworks go up in smoke?


What a gem! Private Finn the ‘goldfish’ reporting for duty

Meet a young Western Australian keen to do his national duty, despite being a fish out of water.


In brief: Issue 8

News and information from the Archives.

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