National Archives of Australia

Issue 6 April 2012


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A career in contortion

The tragic story of Lilian Ross and the two young children she adopted to train as contortionists.

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Family connections: bringing the past to life

Director-General David Fricker discusses his family’s defence service records, discovered in the Archives.


Doctor Who’s underwater menace: exterminated?

Censored scenes from a 1960s Doctor Who episode have been unearthed from the Archives to be reunited with the original footage held in England.


Diving deep into Manuka Pool

A look at the Taverner family and their 63-year relationship with Canberra’s historic Manuka Pool, as revealed through original documents held by the Archives.

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Out of the Cabinet: a sweatier Australia

Ian Warden uncovers a 1982 Fraser Cabinet submission imploring a greater use of air-conditioning in the Commonwealth fleet of cars.


What a gem! …enjoying perpetual blizzard, love Cecil

How did a 1913 telegram from an Antarctic expeditioner to his sweetheart in Adelaide end up in the Archives?


In brief: Issue 6

News and information from the Archives.

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