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The common grief of Empire: early Anzac Days in Britain

Issue 10 April 2013

Professor Bruce Scates looks at the first Anzac Days in Britain and explains how they united an Empire in mourning. Continue reading

Prohibition in Canberra: King O’Malley and the ‘dry’ capital

Issue 10 April 2013

Discover the 'dry' years of Australia's national capital and the charismatic politician who fought against the 'stagger juice'. Continue reading

Design 29 and the making of Australia’s national capital

Issue 9 January 2013

A new exhibition at the National Archives tells the tumultuous history of our national capital, using cutting-edge augmented reality technology. Continue reading

A career in contortion

Issue 6 April 2012

The tragic story of Lilian Ross and the two young children she adopted to train as contortionists. Continue reading

What a gem! …enjoying perpetual blizzard, love Cecil

Issue 6 April 2012

How did a 1913 telegram from an Antarctic expeditioner to his sweetheart in Adelaide end up in the Archives? Continue reading