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What a gem! Myer Goldberg and his reversible knickers

Issue 12 December 2013

The amusing story of 'two knickers in one'. Continue reading

‘Mummy’s darling’: the circus lion in the suburbs

Issue 11 July 2013

Discover the tale of the wild beast in Melbourne's suburbs, from the days when exotic animals were an integral part of the circus, the 'greatest show on earth'. Continue reading

Prohibition in Canberra: King O’Malley and the ‘dry’ capital

Issue 10 April 2013

Discover the 'dry' years of Australia's national capital and the charismatic politician who fought against the 'stagger juice'. Continue reading

A career in contortion

Issue 6 April 2012

The tragic story of Lilian Ross and the two young children she adopted to train as contortionists. Continue reading

What a gem! Enemy property: café noir, dolly pink and chin-chin blue

Issue 5 January 2012

Why was a beautiful colour swatch card from 1928 considered enemy property during World War II? Continue reading