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Life in the ‘town that sprang from nowhere’

Issue 12 December 2013

Sara King tells us what social and community life was like in the early days of Woomera in remote South Australia. Continue reading

Destination: Australia: the curator’s favourites

Issue 10 April 2013

Archives curator Tracey Clarke shares some of her favourite images from the vast Immigration Photographic Archive. Continue reading

Doctor Who’s underwater menace: exterminated?

Issue 6 April 2012

Censored scenes from a 1960s Doctor Who episode have been unearthed from the Archives to be reunited with the original footage held in England. Continue reading

The Muddle-headed Wombat in the Archives

Issue 5 January 2012

A look at Ruth Park's delightful children's book The Muddle-headed Wombat in the Snow – part of the Archives' copyright collection. Continue reading

Monaro advertisement: transcript

1960s October 2011

Monaro. Monaro by Holden. Yes, life is suddenly very Monaro. The good life, the young life. Monaro. The most flattering accessory a beautiful woman could own. Monaro. Makes a man feel ten feet tall. Go Continue reading

‘Holding you in my Holden’: a nostalgic look at an Australian icon

Issue 4 October 2011

A look at the very beginnings of the Holden and its evolution during the 1950s and 1960s through publicity photographs held by the Archives. Continue reading

Promoting history, culture and literature: ABC television and the creative writer

Issue 4 October 2011

The role of creative writers in ABC television drama of the 1960s and 1970s as revealed through the script holdings of the Archives. Continue reading

Legal Resident: transcript

1960s October 2011

Narrator: On Thursday 7th February 1963, the evening newspapers across Australia carried banner headlines over the story that unmasked Ivan Skripov to the world as a Soviet spy. Skripov was Continue reading

What a gem! ASIO counterespionage on film

Issue 4 October 2011

Watch Legal Resident – an ASIO training film from 1963. Continue reading

What a gem! Saucy hit parade

Issue 3 July 2011

‘What a gem!’ showcases intriguing finds from the Archives’ collection. Continue reading