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Drowning in information? Navigating the digital age through collaboration and change

Issue 11 July 2013

During Information Management Month, Director-General David Fricker reflected on the role of the Archives in an age that threatens ‘information overload’. Continue reading

In brief: Issue 11

Issue 11 July 2013

Constitution Day speakers forum asks who cares about the Constitution, an online network for Indigenous research, the latest exhibitions news, and more. Continue reading

In brief: Issue 9

Issue 9 January 2013

Latest exhibition news, funding for innovative research, Shake Your Family Tree events, Archives supporting abuse inquiries, and more. Continue reading

Peter Cundall at Shake Your Family Tree: transcript

Issue 9 April 2011

And so I wrote to the National Archives. Normally it’s, you know, ‘What’s my family history?’ Well this is my subversive history, I wanted to know about. And to my Continue reading

In brief: Issue 2

Issue 2 March 2011

News and information from the Archives. Continue reading